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Why Excel?


Excel Anesthesia is an all-physician anesthesia group dedicated to providing the highest quality perioperative care. Our group originated as a cardiac anesthesia practice in 1979. Since that time we have grown in both size and scope of practice.

Physicians Devoted to Excellence

The 26 members of the Excel Anesthesia division are a select group of highly accomplished and extremely well-trained anesthesiologists. Our members come from some of the finest training institutions in our field. In addition to American Board of Anesthesiology certification, our physicians offer additional qualifications such as experience, training, or certification in areas such as Cardiac Anesthesia, Transesophageal Echocardiography, and Critical Care Medicine.

We specialize in providing exceptional anesthesia care for a range of surgical specialties: cardiac, thoracic, vascular, neurosurgical, otolaryngologic, electrophysiologic, bariatric, plastic and reconstructive, and complex spinal surgery.

Our reputation for managing high-risk patients, particularly those with advanced heart and lung disease or other serious medical problems, makes Excel the group of choice for complex cases and for those who simply want the very best for their patients.

Excel Anesthesia attends to all facets of complex modern anesthesia practice. We are committed to continuing education, continuous quality improvement, and the incorporation of state-of-the-art monitoring and techniques in our practice.

We strive to apply the principles of excellence to every aspect of every case. Foremost, we’re about serving you: our patients, our surgeons, and our institutions.

Practice Management

Scheduling and billing are handled through USAP, an industry leader in the field whose sole focus is anesthesia. They work to meet the logistical needs of surgeons (scheduling) and patients (insurance and billing), as well as to coordinate the function of each Division and Excel Anesthesia PA as a whole.

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