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Cardiac Services

Excel Anesthesia originated as primarily a cardiac anesthesia group over ten years ago. Our excellent service in this very demanding subspecialty of anesthesia became the cornerstone of our branching out into the diverse service line that we now provide. We are involved in the most cutting edge cardiac anesthesia that is offered in the United States. We are involved in developing new valvular solutions to cardiac valve problems. We do a full range of anesthesia for robotics, minimally invasive valves, heart ports, minimally invasive MAZEs, minimally invasive coronary bypasses, trans-aortic valves, and other very specialized cardiac procedures. We provide anesthesia compatible with on-pump, off-pump and new minimal extracorporeal circulation systems. We routinely place temporary pacemakers, coronary sinus catheters, Swan-Ganz catheters, TEE, central lines, arterial lines and many other types of invasive monitoring. We also use many types of unique non-invasive monitoring including BIS monitors, cerebral oximetry, sedline, intracranial monitoring (SSEP/EMG/motors/evoked potentials), continuous cardiac output monitors and other devices to provide an extremely high level of monitoring for the complex cases that we do on a routine basis. We also provide advanced anesthesia for major vascular disease including aortic dissections, trauma, aortic arch dissections, abdominal aorta problems and other cases of this type. With our experienced staff, we look forward to caring for your complete cardiac and vascular anesthetic needs.

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