Welcome Hospitals!

As the medical practice environment continues to evolve, our physicians have changed in their role of providing services in hospitals to a new type of partnership with hospitals. The O.R. comprises the largest profit center for most hospitals. Additionally, operating suites are most profitable with high efficiency, minimal ancillary staffing, excellent turnovers, low complications, minimal downtimes and good workflow management. Traditionally, physicians have not been leaders in this critical arena. However, anesthesiologists have been shown to be invaluable in maximizing operating room profitability. We also help make cost decisions with pharmaceuticals and provide data to comply with ever increasing government compliance challenges (such a PQRI data). Let us partner with you and your facility to maximize efficiency, provide quality data, help organize operative services and provide unsurpassed quality in anesthesia care. We look forward to meeting with your team and partnering in new ways to create synergies where none before existed.

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