Quality and Safety: Focus on Our Patients

Nothing matters more to us than maximizing the safety of our patients. It is the heart of what we do. It is also the single best way for us to serve our surgeons and our facilities. Quality is more than just a trendy word to us…it’s our motivation. And it goes beyond just recruiting top-notch physicians. It’s about looking at ourselves as of yesterday and today, so we can serve you even better tomorrow. Our Quality Management Program is a proactive approach to optimizing patient care. To optimize patient outcomes, we look at what we do seriously, scientifically and methodically. We strive to maintain the highest standards of practice and to serve as a paradigm in our specialty going forward in to the future. We strive to apply the principles of excellence to every aspect of every case. Foremost, we’re about serving you: our patients, our surgeons, and our institutions.

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