Excel Anesthesia
Sometimes it is
brain surgery
We’ve got your back covered
Afraid of going to sleep? Then don’t!
Trust your
heart to us
When you want the best for your child
Anesthesia that you won’t forget about
Innovative anesthesia

Welcome to Excel Anesthesia

Excel Anesthesia has been and remains the preeminent anesthesia provider in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We are on staff at more than 50 hospitals in the metroplex and have a long history of providing anesthesia with over 15 years of service to our communities. We are the largest completely integrated physician anesthesia group in DFW and are continuing to grow. We have a unique and extensive service line that includes all of the major disciplines of O.R. based anesthesia including cardiac, neurosurgical, complex spine, major vascular, regional, orthopedics, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, thoracics, bariatrics, and general surgical. We also have a complete line of in-office anesthesia services. We have built our practice on catering to the needs of our referring surgeons, our patients and our ability to seamlessly integrate into all hospital systems. When you want to experience the best combination of service, quality and efficiency just schedule your surgery with us.

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