Sometimes it is
brain surgery
We’ve got your back covered
Afraid of going to sleep? Then don’t!
Trust your
heart to us
When you want the best for your child
Anesthesia that you won’t forget about
Innovative anesthesia

Pediatric Anesthesia

Excel provides a complete pediatric service line. We currently offer anesthesia for orthopedics, ENT, craniofacial tumors, scoliosis, orthopedics, orthopedic trauma and other general pediatrics. We have long believed that children are not just different from an anesthetic perspective, but also as individual patients. This belief comes from the thousands of pediatric anesthetics that we provide each year. Children have special needs that are often very different from adults and they need a unique form of compassion and caring. We strive to provide calls prior to surgery, minimization of awake procedures and maximization of time spent with family especially during the critical perioperative period. We also excel at rapid turnover and extremely low complication rates because that is critical to be a functioning member of the surgical services team. Excel looks forward to putting our skills to use in providing for your pediatric anesthesia needs.

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