Welcome Surgeons!

As one of our esteemed Scoliosis surgeons once said, “I use you guys because you have the three A’s of anesthesia, Availability, Ability and Affability.” Excel has always been a surgeon-focused group. We developed many years ago as a cardiothoracic based group and, based on our skills, began to be specifically requested by other surgeons because they too wanted the best. In order to serve our surgical colleagues we have direct access to an anesthesiologist 24 hours a day. We provide direct physician care for each of our patients at over 50 facilities in the DFW metroplex. However, despite the comprehensive call coverage and availability we strive for individualized service. You will have a dedicated team of usually 5-6 physicians because we know you have unique preferences and knowing this maximizes safety, efficiency and team building. However, having over 65 physicians allows us to cover that late afternoon case promptly, run two rooms, follow you to other facilities and guarantee quality staffing for call cases. We provide tailored anesthesia case with a surgeon specific focus in an environment that is constantly changing. Excel looks forward to having a consultation to determine your needs and to facilitate your specific practice requirements.

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